Realocating Capital

Ibero-Partners offers comprehensive strategic advisory services in the structuring of investment vehicles, ensuring an active role in all phases of the process. Our goal is to assist our clients in the development of these vehicles, establishing their characteristics and governance principles in order to maximize their potential for success.

Our team of experts works closely with clients from the initial stage of choosing the most suitable vehicle type for the intended operation. We analyze the specific needs and objectives of each client, considering factors such as risk profile, investment strategy, and regulatory requirements. Based on this analysis, we provide specialized guidance to assist in the selection of the most appropriate vehicle.

Once the type of vehicle is defined, we assist in its formal establishment, taking care of all necessary legal and regulatory aspects. Our services include the preparation of appropriate documentation, such as formation agreements, bylaws, investment contracts, and other documents required by applicable laws.

In addition, we play a key role in negotiating with investors and other stakeholders. Leveraging our expertise in complex transactions, we strive to ensure that the terms and conditions of the documentation are fair, balanced, and favorable to the interests of our clients. Our team is prepared to handle challenging negotiations, ensuring that all parties involved are aligned and satisfied with the agreements reached.

Once all legal, regulatory, and contractual aspects are properly structured, we assist in the operationalization of the investment vehicle. This involves ongoing monitoring of the process, ensuring that all steps are completed efficiently and in compliance with established guidelines.

With Ibero-Partners' services, our clients can rely on specialized advisory throughout all phases of investment vehicle structuring. Our personalized and results-oriented approach aims to ensure that these vehicles are established in a solid and efficient manner, allowing our clients to achieve their investment objectives with confidence and security.

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