Visa Gold Portugal e Spain

Our service is designed to assist individuals who wish to establish residence in Portugal, whether for personal or professional reasons. Portugal has become an increasingly attractive destination for individuals and families seeking quality of life, job opportunities, and a welcoming environment.

At Ibero-Partners, we understand that the process of moving and obtaining residence in another country can be complex and challenging. That's why we offer a comprehensive service to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Our specialized team has extensive knowledge of the laws, regulations, and procedures related to obtaining residence in Portugal. We work closely with our clients, providing guidance and assistance at every stage of the process, from preparing the documentation to completing the legal formalities.

Our services include analyzing the different residency options available, such as residence visas, non-habitual resident status (NHR), and the Golden Visa program. We assess each client's profile and specific needs to recommend the best strategy based on their individual circumstances.

We assist our clients in preparing the necessary documents, including proof of income, criminal records, health insurance, and other requirements demanded by Portuguese authorities. Additionally, we oversee the entire application process and submit the requests to the competent entities, ensuring that all formalities are fulfilled properly and efficiently.

In addition to the legal and bureaucratic aspects, we provide additional support to our clients by offering valuable information about the lifestyle, culture, education, healthcare system, and other relevant aspects for successful integration in Portugal. We are committed to providing personalized and attentive service, ensuring that our clients feel confident and supported throughout the relocation process.

With Ibero-Partners, you can rely on a dedicated and experienced team ready to make your move to Portugal a smooth and successful reality. Our goal is to offer a complete experience, facilitating your transition and providing you with a promising start in your new home in Portugal.

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